Welcome to the Woodstock High School Instrumental Music Program

2023 Band Handbook

2023 Rookie Guide

The Band Program is under the direction of Mr. Bob Loehr and consists of students in grades 9 thru 12, performing in various groups. The program supports The Woodstock Marching Wolverine Band, three Concert Ensembles, a Percussion Ensemble class, Jazz Ensemble, Color Guard and Winter Guard. Our goal is to teach young musicians to better themselves and to become lifelong learners of music. Our band program has some of the brightest academic students in the school and we see many of our students rewarded with both academic and music scholarships when applying for college.


Our Educational Philosophy...

A well rounded education is enhanced by one of the most basic of all studies...the study of music. Music teaches discipline, develops self-confidence, and gives each student a feeling of pride and accomplishment. Playing in band teaches students the importance of working with others and helps them develop the social skills necessary to be part of a performing organization.


Band instills values: responsibility, purpose and direction, devotion to duty, spirit of cooperation, and a sense of family. Music is a subject which affects all sides of a student’s personality. This includes the intellectual, physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and social aspects of a person.


Artistry, Excellence and Pride are important elements of our organization. Every part of our students’ participation in the music program at WHS must contain these three elements. As we continue a tradition of superior performances, we believe that external discipline creates internal discipline which the students demonstrate on their own.


We hope our students will have a desire to succeed in what they do and enjoy working towards a positive goal. Through mutual respect and pride in themselves, we hope to give our students a firm footing on which they can be successful in music and in life.


Don’t let high school pass you up without giving the Woodstock High School Band program a try. Being a part of the program can be one of the most beneficial experiences you will have worth lots of friends, family, fun, and memories that will last a lifetime.


Q: Do I have to be in band class in order to participate in marching band?

A: No. You can participate in marching band without signing up for band as an elective.


Q: Do I have to participate in marching band if I’m in band class?

A: No. Marching band is voluntary and not required. You will only be required to perform at events related to band class


Q: What are the differences between Marching Band and Concert Band?

A: Marching band is held from June-December. (Color Guard and drums begins in April.) You must attend band camp in the summer and all practices and performances. Open to anyone wanting to participate. The concert band ensembles are only for those who are in band class and are composed based on skill level.


Q: What are the fees for band?

A: For band class, we ask for a $40 class fee to purchase various classroom items such as sheet music, repairs and other supplies. There is also the cost of purchasing concert wear for our official performances. (Those costs will be announced in the Fall.) For marching band, the fee schedule is released in the Spring and can be paid in installments through your account.


Q: How do I stay in the know about what’s going on?

A: The band website: www.thebandatwhs.com. We also publish a weekly newsletter, “This Week in Band”, to all band families with the current week’s activities and future events. You can also follow us on social media for up-to-date announcements.

Woodstock Wolverine Band Boosters, Inc.

Welcome to the Woodstock Wolverine Band Boosters, Inc. The booster organization meets each month at Woodstock High School. The dates and times are posted on the band calendar. Please plan to attend these important monthly meetings.


You do not sign up to be a member, and there are no dues. All parents, guardians, grandparents, etc. of students involved in the band program are automatically members of WWBB and the Woodstock Band Family. WWBB is vital to the operation of the band program. The program’s success depends on student and parental commitment, time and resources. Our directors and staff are dedicated, talented and hard-working mentors, but they need our help and support, as do our young musicians.


Our Executive Committee for the Woodstock Wolverine Band Boosters, Inc. is always available to answer any questions you have about the programs. There are monthly Executive Committee Work Sessions that are open to the public. Specific duties within the boosters are handled by the Committee Chairs.


The Woodstock Wolverine Band Boosters, Inc. (WWBB) is a non-profit, 501c3 tax-exempt organization that exists to support the band programs at Woodstock High School.