The Marching Wolverines



Join the Tradition.

So you are thinking about joining the Band and Color Guard…


The transition from middle school to high school is easier for band and color guard students. Imagine attending a new school and not knowing anything about where to go, or who to talk to. Students joining the Marching Wolverine Band & Color Guard will start their first day of high school with a large group of friends who will help them. The band and color guard is probably unlike anything you have done before. It can greatly enhance your high school career and forge a great set of skills as well as life-long friendships.


The Band & Color Guard is recognized not only for creating high standards, but also for the quality of experience given to its members. As you participate in the program and continue to grow this will become clearer to you, as it has to students before you. The pride and sense of friendship that are the cornerstones of our band will figure profoundly in your future.


The marching band is one of Woodstock High School’s most thrilling and vital ensembles. It’s a spirited and supportive group of dedicated young musicians and artists who take great pride in their artistic performance and competitive achievement. They're also one of the most active groups on campus. They perform at pep rallies, football games, community events, fundraisers, competitions, and beyond. This outstanding group of performers have traveled all over Georgia and even Europe representing Woodstock HS and the Cherokee County School District while competing against some of the finest marching bands in the state of Georgia. Over the years the Marching Wolverines and Color Guard have been very successful winning many grand championships.


Band is not just about taking another class; it’s about making new friends, becoming part of a team and learning about leadership. Every member plays a vital role in the success of the band. Unlike other sports, there are no starters and back-ups; everyone plays. It’s a supportive and wide-ranging ensemble that works to make sure everyone reaches their full potential as a musician or an artist.

Are you looking to do something musical, inspiring and exciting? Marching band is for you. Become a proud part of the award-winning tradition of excellence in both musical and academics at WHS. Marching band is where you make great friends, develop your talent, and accomplish something awesome.


If you are interested in joining the Marching Wolverines, please complete the new member interest form or for general questions, contact Mr. Bob Loehr, Director of Bands at Woodstock High School at



What's so great about the Marching Wolverine Band?

Ask 100 parents this question, and you’re likely to get 100 different answers! Every child benefits differently from membership. For some, the greatest benefit is the increase in their child’s self-confidence. For others, it’s the friendship network that it has helped build. Or, it could be giving their child a sense of pride and accomplishment after working hard and giving a great performance in front of an excited crowd.


Being a member of the Woodstock High School Band will give your children a valuable educational and social experience. They will work hard and experience many triumphs, as well as some hardships and disappointments – things that will prepare them for the “real world” and life after high school.


For parents, marching band lets you be a part of your child’s life at a time when you are feeling less and less welcome in it. Sharing the marching band experience with your child will give you memories that are precious. Through marching band, you’ll see your child grow from an adolescent to a young adult...and you’ll be extremely proud of their involvement and achievements in the program.